Vegan Black Bean Fudge

Vegan Black Bean Fudge (vegan, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free)

Melt-in-your-mouth rich chocolatey fudge that is vegan, sugar free, and gluten free. Nobody would ever guess that there are black beans in this awesome dessert. (And I know this for a fact because I just tricked the ultimate black bean hater @87ln into eating one and she loved it). Inspired by @peachypalate.
1 can black beans (about 1.25 cups or 250 grams)
1/2 cup raw cacao powder
1/4 cup natural almond butter
1/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut, optional
9 large soft dates, rinsed in hot water
2 heaping Tbsp coconut oil, room temp
2 tsp vanilla
Pinch sea salt
Blend everything in a food processor until smooth. Press into a container/pan/tin and place in the fridge for at least an hour before slicing into squares. Store in the fridge for up to a week or in the freezer for up to a month.